Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate Mandatory Document For College Students

Colleges and universities have opened in a few cities. Students are really excited to join their educational hubs, campus, and canteen area. Now, we can say that things are getting better. Students will get a chance to interact with their classmates and teachers. It’s been a long pause in our lives. Till now, everything was only moving over the digital channels and resources but now we have the access to our classrooms and libraries in real life far from the virtual world.

As per the safety concerns, the government has released a notification that all the students have to submit a vaccination certificate as proof of vaccination. It is mandatory for all coming to join the 2021 session classes in DBGI, Chandigarh, or any other University.

All the Universities have informed the students and faculties to get vaccinated and submit the details. So, you can enjoy your studies without any stress.

Covid19 Certificate, Awareness Initiative Chandigarh University

Including all the important certificates and documents, the vaccination certificate is also required to get entry and pursue the offline classes of Chandigarh University Courses.

All the top institutes, colleges, Universities have released the notification regarding the important guidelines and rules that the student and faculty need to follow in this session. 

WHO has certified chemical labs for the production & distribution of Covid-19 Vaccines. All these vaccines are effective to prevent the virus. Students who have not been vaccinated should take the vaccination immediately and submit the certificate to the University portal.

Chandigarh University has released a booklet on the Covid-19 advisory to inform the campus staff, faculty, students, and associated members. In this booklet, they have concluded a few important things such as: 

  • What is it, the life cycle of viruses on the surface, objects, or people?
  • How does the infection spread in the community, in different age groups?
  • How does it impact the health of a normal individual or a person having a health disease?
  • What precautions should you have to keep yourself protected?
  • How will you come to know that you’re infected(symptoms)?
  • Medical tests
  • Treatment Guidance
  • Consultation & Advice support desk
  • Common myths about Covid19

Students can visit the Chandigarh University Website, and read this booklet properly. It is very insightful that shows how much the Universities and Colleges are serious about the health of their students and associated members. They have also helped needy people and stray dogs by providing them food and warning them about the injurious impact of coronavirus. They have distributed masks and sanitizers to surrounding slum locations. 

As per the guidelines Universities are focusing on encouraging the safety initiative to be safe from Covid 19. Students should adopt these things in regular life.

  • Don’t engage yourself in crowded places or communities, Maintain social distance.
  • Wear a mask when you leave out of the house
  • Do breathing exercises, Yoga Practices.
  • Sanitize your hands frequently
  • Follow WHO and health authorities latest updates
  • In case of any discomfort consult a health advisor
  • If you have a normal cold or viral still be careful, wear a mask, and don’t touch your nose, eyes, or any other parts of the body
  • Make a safe distance from others.
  • if you have any normal infections. Inform your college Professors/ Teachers and try to avoid social gatherings.

Chandigarh University also launched a Covid-19 isolation facility center with all the basic facilities organized with a setup of 200 beds, OPD, facemask, protection kits, ambulance to manage all the emergencies.

Apart from Chandigarh University, students who are applying for Uttarakhand, DBGI Courses admission should also follow the guidelines to safeguard themselves from the Covid 19 and study well. 

For more information regarding the 2021 education session visit frequently. 



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